MF Rod

Drifting and tunneling tools are mainly matched for full hydraulic excavation rock drilling rigs, and are used for the blasting of large underground metal mine roadway, drilling of anchor hole, excavation of railway and highway tunnels, hydropower project diversion tunnels and underground powerhouse.


  1. Thread bar types: extention rod and MF rod
  2. Length: 3090mm, 3700mm, 4305mm, 4915mm, etc.
  3. Rod size:H28, H32, H35, D39
  4. Thread size: R28, R32 and R35
  5. 3 types of drill bits: cross bit, button bit and reaming button bit
  6. Bits diameter:
    1. button bit – 43mm to 127mm
    2. cross bit – 38mm to 51mm